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Examples of the types of Products Liability cases that we have handled in the past:



  • Tires & Wheels

  • Automotive Defects

  • SUV Rollovers

  • Recalled Prescriptions 


ATTENTION:  If you think you may be been injured by a defective product, please preserve the allegedly defective product. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If the item is lost and the necessary testing cannot be performed, you may be left with no proof of the product's defect and the possibility of a successful lawsuit could be wiped out.


Ford Motor Company no longer produces cars that explode into a ball of flames when struck from behind.




Work places keep the proper guards on their punch presses so that these machines aren’t capable of maiming and disfiguring.


Life-threatening prescription drugs and medical devices have been removed from the market and the industry exercises more caution before introducing new devices.


Asbestos is no longer used as an insulator, infants' toys are safer and, in general, manufacturers are simply producing safer products.


What has motivated manufacturers? Various factors, including federal and state agencies and regulations; but, perhaps the greatest incentive has been products liability lawsuits. Because of the consumer's right to personally enforce the law through his or her decision to bring a products liability lawsuit, manufacturers know that if they create a product that is unreasonably dangerous, they subject themselves to serious liability.  



Product Liability

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